The 5 Best Planters for Floral Displays

When I got my Vegtruck way back when, it was a huge hit at home and with visiting friends. Laden with my homegrown vegetables and herbs, it's easy to see why.

However, when I thought of buying planters for flowers, I hesitated whether they were practical or functional.

In the end, I gave it a try and I'm very glad I committed at the time.

Flower Power!

My initial reservations as to adding flowers to my growing collection of plant life at home was due to a misconception on my part. I thought they were good for nothing more than their stunning aesthetic. Sure they were eye candy, but was there more to benefit from them?

Turns out there was. It took a while but as my flower planters flourished, so did the bees, butterflies, and small insects that found their way into our garden. Small birds soon followed which fed on the insects who live and feed on the flowers. It was nice not worrying about my veggies being eaten (for a change!). One can simply enjoy the beauty of a flower garden. 

Photo Credit: BBC Nature

Photo Credit: BBC Nature

Imagine helping the entire eco system, including human beings AND getting something nice to look at it into the bargain! There really is no reason not to go for floral displays.

The possibilities are endless!

By accident and thanks to Pinterest, I found that flowers such as roses and lavender can be eaten or used in teas. One step away is trying your hand at DIY soaps, perfumes, air fresheners, bath bombs, and whatnot.  The possibilities are endless!

Shopping for the best planters for flowers was fun too. I sometimes ended up with a bad specimen (buyer's regret) but I did find some pretty good ones. Here are my tips for all the budding container gardeners out there.

Best Containers for Floral Displays

#1: Classic Urn Planter, 19”, Black

This planter would look particularly stunning playing host to delicate white tea roses while the white version would provide the ideal offset for crimson roses or deep purple violets.  Either color would look fantastic in a bloom of delicate yet colorful Sweet Williams.


These lightweight yet durable resin planters come with punch-out drainage holes which make them suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Just leave the drainage holes filled in if you want to use the planter indoors.

These planters are quite light and if you're afraid that they might get overturned accidentally, put a layer of gravel at the bottom to weigh them down.


  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Simple timeless design and colors


  • May be a little flimsy for outdoor use

Value for Money?

If you have a sheltered garden, these will set it, and a floral planting scheme, off a treat.

#2: Santino Arte Self-Watering Planter, 6.5”

I really like these Santino planters. For one, they come in an array of sizes (from 4.3” up to 7.7”) and colors so it's easy to find one for a particular color theme or space in your garden. They're also usable both indoors and outdoors.


Their best feature is that they are self-watering. They have an internal reservoir. You fill up your container with water and it will take care of the rest of the watering for you. It can do this for up to four weeks. 

There are some drawbacks though.

There are some drawbacks though. For one, if you have this container outdoors and it rains a lot, your plants might get overwatered. So, make sure to keep an eye out or simply keep them out of entirely open spaces. 

The next drawback has more to do with design. Currently, it's not possible to see how much water you've got in the reservoir once you have a plant already in. This is too bad as it's a really attractive and functional container. 

Lastly, I'll chime in that from my experience, some plants do well in plastic pots. Some are fussy and prefer ceramic over plastic.


  • Don't need to water every day
  • Range of colors to suit any garden scheme


  • Difficult to tell how much water is in the reservoir once pot is planted up

Value for Money?

These pots are reasonably priced, and make an attractive, low-maintenance planting feature particularly in a hardscaped space where the brighter colors can add to the overall scheme.

#3: Dahlia Set of 6 Mini Crackle Glazed Pots

Providing a range of bright but not glaring colors, this set of small planters would be ideal in a gravelled or paved outdoor space. They look awesome planted with heathers and low-lying bedding plants or small delicate blooms such as Sweet Williams.


Small enough to fit on a windowsill, these plants are ideal for apartment dwellers whose only outdoor space is a balcony. They would also be ideal for small hardscaped gardens, either planted or left bare.


  • Attractive range of colors
  • Ideal for small flowers and herbs
  • Great option for balcony and windowsill gardens


  • May be too small for many varieties of flowering plants

Value for Money?

If you have a small space,  and so are looking for small delicate blooms that won't overwhelm it, this set of six small containers offers an attractive planting option that will bring more color to a small space without crowding it.

#4: New Creative Koi Pond Design Flower Pot

Made from lightweight yet durable polypropylene, these flower pots are attractive, fade and weather resistant, and fully recyclable.


These come in a range of bright, arty designs (I chose the Koi Pond design for this review because I like koi fish. I think they add beauty to almost any garden particularly a hardscaped space but have no space to actually keep them.) 

Koi represent good fortune

The Koi design is a good representation for a flowerpot: in Japanese culture, koi represent good fortune, and success born of struggle, both of which relate equally well to a thriving, vibrant garden, and the process of achieving it!

These 8” pots are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can add art and flowers to your interior design with just one purchase!


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weather resistant
  • Recyclable


  • A little pricey for one flower pot

Value for Money?

While the price may raise eyebrows, especially as it's for one, fairly small, flower pot, if you think of it as buying art that will actually be useful, it might seem better value.  Very attractive, and would definitely help bring a hardscaped space together, whilst allowing for live planting.

#5: Ceramic Bird Planter (ASIN: B010683OPI )


Hand painted, this small but perfectly formed planter/vase would be ideal used indoors, on a desk or windowsill, with small, flowering succulents.


  • Attractive and functional
  • Hand painted
  • Ideal gift


  • Very small – suitable for one flowering succulent

Value for Money?

While you won't be growing rose bushes in this planter, it would make a great windowsill addition once planted with a flowering succulent.  It would also make a great, inexpensive gift.

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