The 5 Best Planters for Vegetables and Fruits

Get Fruity!

Soft fruits, such as strawberries, vegetables, and herbs, all grow well in both indoor and outdoor containers. This means you can enjoy your garden beyond just the aesthetic. 

Soft fruits and most herbs need daily watering and full sun. The easiest way to grow them is in multi-planter containers. They'll help you remember which pots you've already watered!

A planter with both fruits and vegetables

A planter with both fruits and vegetables


Here are some of the best containers for fruits and vegetables (and herbs) out there:

Best Fruit and Vegetable Containers

#5:  The 5 Tier Stackable Planter

Holding up to 20 plants, these tiered planters are available in either hunter green or gray stone. They are suitable for outdoor use as well as windowsill planting.


They are ideal for plants such as strawberries and herbs – both of which can thrive on a sunny windowsill. If you do place them beside the windowsill, you'll have to turn the planter around everyday. This is to make sure that the other side of the planter not facing the windowsill gets its share of sunshine too. 

Also, these containers are not self-watering so you'll have to water regularly.

If you use herbs for natural remedies or for your cooking, having this planter indoors is very convenient.


  • Space-saving
  • Ideal for herbs and soft fruits


  • Will need watering daily and turning every other day if all plants require full sun.
  • If being used outside, will need to be weighted down.

Value for Money?

These planters are plastic, which may make them seem a little pricey to some people. However, the value for money comes in their space-saving design. With these stackable planters, almost anyone can have a functional herb or soft fruit garden however limited their space.


#4: Adams Manufacturing 36” Deluxe Planter

With a choice of colors available, this planter is the ideal decking or patio addition for those who love gardening but hate the toll it takes on their knees and back. Standing at 36” (3ft) high, this planter is easy to reach especially for gardeners with physical impairments or disabilities.


It is important to note that the darker colors should not be used in full sun as they will draw too much heat to your plants.


  • Good for gardeners who struggle with kneeling/bending
  • Good for patios and larger balconies


  • Darker colors not suitable for use in full sun
  • Not easy to move when fully planted

Value for Money?

This is a reasonably priced planter and well worth the money if bending down or kneeling cause you issues.

#3: Nancy Janes P1360 Stackable Planter

A three-tier stacking planter with a flow-through watering system, this planter is ideal for strawberries and herbs, and comes in a choice of colors. 

The watering system means that water poured into the top tier of planting naturally flows down to the middle and bottom tiers, ensuring all planting benefits.


The planter also comes with a swivel chain, meaning you can hang it in full sun, and all of the plants should, over the course of the day, get sufficient sunlight.

This planter is quite small, so be aware of that when selecting plants for it.


  • Can be hung
  • Flow through watering system


  • Quite small and light

Value for Money?

This is a reasonably priced planter ideal for those looking to start a herb garden for the first time.

#2: Suncast PLT 500 44” Tomato Tower

Made from durable plastic, this tomato tower, which can also be used for planting of herbs and pepper plants, is attractive and space saving. 

Do make sure that it is situated in a position where all sides will get the sun, and ideally without fencing, etc blocking it. Tomatoes grow through the bottom, forming a vine in the central space, and tomato plants need a LOT of sun, so it is important to think through the positioning of your planter.


This tomato tower is durable, and ideal for gardeners who struggle with bending or kneeling, as it comes up to a good height.

The tomato tower planter would suit a full-sun patio, or a central area of planting in a larger garden.


  • Space saving
  • Durable


  • Can be difficult to position so that tomatoes get sufficient sun

Value for Money?

A reasonably priced planter with a variety of uses.

#1: The 8 Pocket Vertical Garden Planter/Living Wall

This is a waterproof hanging planter, which looks good when hung over a fence or balcony rail. The planting pockets are ideal for herbs, although a little small for plants such as strawberries.

The living wall can also be nailed to an external wall, so you can use it even if you don't have a balcony or fence. While it could, in theory, be used indoors, the way it drains would make it impractical for indoor use.


  • Great for small spaces
  • Ideal for herbs


  • Very small planting pockets

Value for Money?

A reasonably priced planter, ideal for those living in apartments with a balcony who want to enjoy fresh herbs.

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