VegTrug Patio Garden 8482 Review


Table of Contents

- Introduction
- Features
- First Impressions
- Final Verdict

The VegTrug 8482 Patio Garden is a clever way to grow a lot of produce in a small space, thanks to its smart, space-saving features. 



Designed for small spaces

The VegTrug 8482 Patio Garden was specifically designed with small spaces—like your patio—in mind with the goal of maximizing usability when space is at a premium. 


The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible management of the Earth’s forests. When they certify a product, it means it meets up to their rigorous ethical and environmental standards. 

Nontoxic, quality construction

The fir that this patio garden is made out of is grown on a plantation, making it a sustainable wood choice for construction.

Meanwhile, the stain (color) on the wood on the wood is nontoxic, so it doesn’t harm you or your plants.

The inner lining is fabric for extra plant protection, and it’s designed in such a way to allow for optimal water retention and drainage, getting that equilibrium just right.

Healthy plant growth

The VegTrug 8482 promotes healthy plant growth; by being elevated, pests have a hard time reaching your plants. Additionally, you also don’t have to worry about weeds. 

Easy to use

This convenient patio garden is easy to use, functioning just like a standard garden, but with the added benefit of being raised above the ground, which is a huge plus for those with mobility issues or who are wheelchair users, and are, therefore, unable to garden at ground level.

There’s no kneeling or crouching involved thanks to the raised gardening surface.


The VegTrug 8482 has an attractive appearance when assembled. Assembly was easy and only took about an hour while working at my own pace.

I like that it’s made from nontoxic and sustainable components, and a I like the V-shaped design—it definitely comes in handy. My favorite thing is no more sore knees from kneeling on the ground—I’m very satisfied with it. 

The Pros:

  • Space-saving; makes smart use of small spaces
  • V-shaped design allows for both shallow and deep-rooted plants
  • FSC-certified sustainable fir wood construction
  • Nontoxic wood stain
  • Inner fabric lining allows for optimal water drainage and retention
  • Elevated gardening surface prevents pests and weeds
  • Elevated gardening surface is easy to use; no kneeling or crouching—great for people with mobility issues and physical disabilities
  • Easy assembly—only requires a Phillips head screwdriver and adjustable wrench
  • 2012 Green Thumb Award Winner for Outstanding New Product

The Cons:

  • You do have to do some assembly; however, assembly is very straightforward and the required tools are already in the toolbox of most homeowners.


Its versatility is enough to make me recommend it, but it's also super-high quality and very usable, making it a great buy.