GreenWorks G-24 String Trimmer Review

Table of Contents

- Introduction
- Features
- First Impression
- Final Verdict

The GreenWorks 21342 G-24 Cordless String Trimmer is a versatile battery-powered weed eater designed to meet all of your trimming and edging needs. 



The GreenWorks G 24, like all GreenWorks products, runs on electricity. (In this case via battery power.)  This means you never have to worry about filling it up with gas. No gas also means no fumes, which means you don’t have to worry about ventilation when storing the trimmer when it’s not in use.

Because it is an electric-powered weed eater, this makes it an eco-friendlier option compared to other gas-powered models and brands. 

Pivoting head

The pivoting head and edging wheel provide robust edging and trimming capabilities. 

Good cutting path

The 12-inch cutting path is a very happy middle. It’s broad enough for your weed eating needs, while still being very easy to maneuver around tight spaces like flower beds or to use while edging.

GreenWorks 24-Volt Lithium Max battery

The GreenWorks 24-Volt 2Ah Li-ion battery the trimmer requires is included with your purchase. This particular battery is exclusive to GreenWorks and can run up to an impressive 25 minutes on one single charge.

This is great for folks who’ve been hesitant to try battery-powered weed eaters in the past due to shorter run times. The 2Ah Li-ion battery also charges quite quickly in just 45 minutes, which is a great speed improvement compared to other models. The battery’s charger also comes included with purchase. 

Lightweight and easy to use

The Greenworks 21342 G-24 is lightweight at just 8.8lbs. Meanwhile, the pole is height-adjustable for ergonomics and a custom fit.


The GreenWorks 21342 G-24 has the classic GreenWorks aesthetic. It’s very easy to use. The auto string feed worked great for me, and it’s the best edger I’ve used in a long time. I also like that it’s lightweight and height-adjustable, both being easy on the back.

The pros:

  • Li-ion battery-powered
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pivoting head; great for edging and trimming
  • 12-inch cutting path
  • 24-volt li-ion battery and charger included with purchase
  • Long runtime
  • Short recharge time
  • Height adjustable pole
  • Lightweight at 8.8lbs
  • 4-year warranty for the trimmer
  • 2-year warranty for the battery

The cons:

  • Some folks have had trouble with the auto string feed, but this is a rare issue. Luckily, GreenWorks customer service is super helpful, and the warranty on the tool is 4-years. 


The GreenWorks 21342 G-24 trimmer is a lightweight and easy to use trimmer that is a standout for being both battery-powered and powerful enough to tackle tough weeds—I like it.