The 5 Best Trowels


The 5 Best Trowels - Reviews
1. Most Affordable: Edward Tools Transplanter Trowel
2. Best Trake: Tierra Garden 901105
3. Best Heavy Duty Trowel: Edward Tools Carbon Steel
4. Most Ergonomic Trowel: Radius Garden 101
5. Best Overall: Homegrown Garden Tools Gardening Trowel

Having a quality trowel on hand when you work in your flower beds or gardens can make the digging process easier. You'll be able to get the depth you need for your plants to grow and thrive. But, choosing the best trowels can be difficult. This is especially true if you're new to gardening.

We've put together a list of the top five trowels available. This review will give you a good idea of what to look for when you shop. 

The 5 Best Trowels - Reviews

#1 - Most Affordable: Edward Tools Transplanter Trowel


Edward Tools has many interesting claims to this trowel that I actually wanted to challenge. They promised that the handle with palm rest is very comfortable to grip and hold. They also boast that this garden tool is made from rust-proof aluminum and won’t rust even if you leave it in the rain all day.

Now this part’s funny. They actually say:

Bend proof aluminum - If you find a way to somehow bend this transplanter trowel we will replace it.

Well, guess what? This trowel passed with flying colors.


  • Blade is made from rust and corrosion-free aluminum; strong and bend-proof

  • Handle is big but comfortable

  • Blade has a depth guide for planting bulbs and perennials

  • With lifetime warranty


  • Edges of the blade isn’t sharp enough for packed soil

#2 - Best Trake: Tierra Garden 901105


If you use both a trowel and a rake in one sitting, then you probably should get a trake for convenience. A trake is a gardening tool that is a rake on one end and a trowel on the other. Because of its unique design, it is longer than regular trowels. It is 17 inches in length.

The Tierra Garden trake is made from die-cast alloy while the handle has a non-slip vinyl coating. It looked uncomfortable to grip out of the box but it was surprisingly comfortable upon use. The thumb rest definitely helps.


  • Dual function; it’s both a rake and a trowel in one tool

  • Very flexible; great for digging out dirt, weeding, and cultivating

  • Has depth measurements in the blade

  • Also works for digging out rocks


  • If you use this on hard soil or over-leverage it, the tip will break off

  • The green coloring of the handle makes it hard to find in the grass (until I spray-painted mine in a bright neon color)

#3 - Best Heavy Duty Trowel: Edward Tools Carbon Steel


Having ordered this online, I was surprised when it finally came. It was bigger yet lighter than I expected.

While most of my picks ended up having aluminum blades, this Edward Tools garden trowel has a carbon steel blade. While there are claims that it is rust-proof, carbon steel DOES rust so you still shouldn’t be leaving this out in the damp or in the rain for indefinite periods.

Performance-wise, this is a heavy duty trowel given its big size and strong blade. It can cut through sod, clay, and hard soil.


  • Big-sized heavy duty trowel made from carbon steel

  • Handle is made out of soft rubber

  • Has depth markings that are useful for transplanting or metal detecting

  • The top of the handle has a hole that makes it easy to hang on a nail or a peg


  • Not my personal experience but a handful of buyers complained of their trowels bending

#4 - Best Ergonomic Trowel: Radius Garden 101


At first glance, you can already see what makes this trowel unique. It has a curved handle cushioned by rubber coating. This curved handle is ergonomic in design. It minimizes stress on your wrist and hands when gardening. With the blade being a lightweight aluminim, this makes it ideal for those suffering from wrist pain, carpal tunnel, or arthritis.

Just a bit of trivia. The curved handle design is actually patented by Radius garden and has won awards.

It comes in six different bright color choices. These colors make it easy to see when you set it down in the dirt or grass. The blade is made out of high-quality aluminum. Aluminum is designed to be resistant to rust and corrosion as well as breakage. The edges curve upward to prevent the soil from sliding back off the sides of the trowel. It features a lifetime warranty against damage and defects. 


  • Features an ergonomic curved handle

  • Blade is made out of aluminum; lightweight yet sturdy

  • The extra-long blade makes it ideal for transplanting bulbs and plants

  • There are depth markings on the blade

  • Good reviews from buyers


  • Trowel is slightly off balanced

  • Does not have very sharp edges

#5 - Best Overall: Homegrown Garden Tools Trowel


You'll get a one-piece trowel when you purchase this product. The blade and handle are one solid piece of polished aluminum. This design prevents weak joints or attachment points. Additionally, aluminum is resistant to rust and corrosion, even in wet conditions. The blade comes to a slight point that allows you to dig into the soil. The edges are slightly curved. 

The handle is larger. It is designed to give you a good grip with ridged areas for your fingers and a rubber palm rest. You'll get bright green striping that makes this trowel easy to see in a dark shed or closet. The hole on the end is reinforced, and you can hang it up to store it without worrying about it wearing out. This trowel comes in a small burlap sack that is perfect for storage purposes. 


  • Very durable because it is full tang and when you hold the handle, you are holding the shaft

  • Handle is ergonomic and feels good in your hand; good choice for those with arthritic fingers

  • Blade is made out of aluminum

  • Has depth markings for setting seeds and bulbs come planting time

  • Value for money; affordable and holds up well

  • Has genuine reviews and buyers are very happy with their purchase


  • No serrated edge which other gardeners might like

  • May be too large for smaller hands

  • Too wide for smaller pots

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