The 5 Best Gardening Hoes

Garden hoes are one of the most basic and important tools to a gardener. With just this one garden tool, you get to do a multitude of things around your garden or farm like cut through weeds, clear soil, mark out rows, and harvest root crops. (I've even used it as a ruler of sorts for measuring between rows of plants.)

If you're a beginner gardener, you can start off with an ordinary planter hoe that you can get from a store that sells gardening tools and supplies. Pretty soon though, you'll want to find the best you can buy for your money.

Check out my favorite picks for garden hoes. I’ve written down a short overview of each so you can decide which one would be most suitable for your needs.

The 5 Gardening Hoes - Reviews

#1 - Best For Clearing Weeds: Corona Clipper SH6800


First up is the heavy-duty weed-eating hoe by Corona.

This hoe comes with a large but tapered 60-inch American Ash handle that is long enough to reduce the strain on your back. It tapers off at the top end letting you get a firm grip when in use.

It comes with a durable tempered steel blade that's designed to hold an edge. The blade also features sharp notches to tear through weeds quickly and easily without clogging. It cuts on both push and pull stroke.

After prolonged and regular use, it can be easily sharpened with a Mill/Bastard file.

In case you are not familiar with push and pull hoes, here is a video that demonstrates such a tool (although the brand is different).


  • It works very well in removing almost any size and type of weeds in both dry or damp soil; makes weed removal a much easier chore

  • Blade is sharp enough to cut through any type of weed but not enough to be a health hazard

  • Comes with a 60-inch handle so no bending down is needed; great for seniors who cannot bend too much or kneel down

  • Very easy to grip and hold

  • Genuine reviews and high satisfaction ratings from buyers


  • Won't work well in packed soil

  • May not pull the weed's roots up

  • Handle may bow with repeated use

Value for Money? 

For people with smaller gardens and looser soil, we'd say this is well worth what you pay for it. The tempered steel head holds an edge, and the notches cut through the weeds. It delivers on its promise in making weeding a much easier chore.

#2 - Best “Beast” Mode Hoe: Rogue Prohoe


This hoe comes made from recycled disc blades that give the head a slightly curved edge. You get a wide seven-inch cutting head that is securely fastened to the wide handle. The attachment point features a screw with welding, and this ensures that you get a long-lasting and secure fit. 

The edges of the blade are designed to cut and slice through roots, weeds, grass, soil, and brush with ease. The handle features a slightly tapered design near the top, and this tapering allows you to get a firm grip each time you use this hoe. 


  • Very hefty and stout tool; will easily hack through all your troublesome weeds like pigweed, cockleburr, and ironweed

  • Cuts through sod and clay with ease

  • Ideal for serious gardeners and professional contractors

  • Made from recycled materials

  • Attachment point is welded and is built to last

  • Edges of the blade are curved and both sides of the blade also have cutting edges (making for three cutting edges)

  • Packaged very well


  • May be too heavy for smaller statures

  • Handle has compromised comfort for durability; not as ergonomic as one would like

  • Blade will nick if you hit rocks

Value for Money? 

We believe this hoe is worth the price you pay for it because it is truly heavy duty and built to last. However, if you only need light weeding or cannot handle a very heavy tool, you should look at the 5” version of this hoe or check out the other hoes on this list.

#3 - Best Short-Handled Hoe: Nisaku NJP1010 Nejiri Gama


Nisaku is one of our trusted brands on Oak Hill Gardens. Not only do they have the best hori-hori knife, they also have a great gardening hoe. Being NIsaku, it is made from authentic Tomita Japanese steel.

The 4.5-inch stainless steel neijiri-shaped blade makes for a multi-purpose gardening tool. It can be used for weeding shallow roots, shaping soil, and harvesting root crops.

Unlike other implements that have the blades secured to the handle with rivets, the Nisaku gardening hoe’s shank is forged in one piece to the blade making for better durability and flex power.


  • Good blade and good performance

  • Lightweight; ideal for seniors or women 5 ft. and below

  • Sold by SunJoe on Amazon which has a good track record for customer support


  • Not suitable for tall folks as it is NOT long-handled; handle is 45 inches from the blade to the top of the wooden handle

Value for Money? 

For beginner gardeners who are looking for a short-handled hoe, we think this hoe does have value for money. It can be a big help as you learn to keep up with the weeds in your garden, and it's very lightweight and easy to use. 

#4 - Best American-Made Hoe: Bully Tools 12-Gauge


This gardening hoe is a commercial-grade gardening tool that is proudly American-made. It is a very useful multi-purpose tool that you can use for clearing weeds, breaking into packed soil, or knocking plants from the roots.

The head has a slight angle, and it's made with a durable 12-gauge steel. The steel is thick and is 2-3 times thicker than the Ames hoe from Home Depot (which did not make it to our list).

It attaches to the fiberglass handle with an extra long steel ferrule for added durability. The handle is bright red and easy to see if you put it down or store it in a dark place. There is a soft wrap on the top of the handle that makes it easy to grip. 


  • Comes with a light but durable fiberglass handle

  • Head is made out of thick 12-gauge steel

  • Choose from a one or five pack

  • Company/customer support is responsive in dealing with problematic products


  • Warranty is only limited

  • Head may wiggle slightly

  • Larger blade makes it harder to use in small areas

  • May be a bit on the heavy side for smaller folks or seniors

Value for Money? 

If you want a multi-purpose tool that will last you a long time, then this heavy-duty Bully Tools gardening hoe is perfect for you. Take note though that the weight is still quite hefty so if you are looking for something very lightweight, then this is not it.

#5 - Best Lightweight Hoe: Rogue 575G


If you can’t handle a heavy gardening hoe, then the Rogue 575G may be just what you need. It is lightweight but it can still do a great job with light hoe work. You can use this hoe for small to medium weeds, small sage, crabgrass, and creeping Charlie.

This hoe also makes very even cuts and turning over dirt in your rows. The three sides on the blade are all sharpened so it really packs a wallop.

For more widespread weeds, get a push and pull hoe. For weeds or plants with thicker stems, get the Rogue Prohoe mentioned earlier.


  • Due to its lighter weight, it is Ideal for people of short or slight stature, elderly, or those with disability

  • The 60” handle is perfect for sparing you from back pain

  • The long handle allows you to reach far under trees to get to weeds and debris

  • Buyers love the balanced weight on this hoe


  • Needs to be sharpened

  • Slightly expensive

Value for Money 

While you might balk at the price initially, the Rogue 575G is value for money for its good performance and lifetime warranty.

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