Fiskars Garden Spade Review

fiskars spade.jpg

Have you been eyeing the Fiskars garden spade at the hardware store? 

The Fiskars 46-Inch Steel D-Handle Square Garden Spade is a heavy-duty gardening spade designed to yield ultimate control while digging deep. 

Here's our review of it.

First impressionS

Looks-wise, the Fiskars 46-Inch Steel D-Handle Square Garden Spade makes a solid impression. It has a sturdy, classic look that is becoming increasingly rare in garden tools today.

But looks alone aren’t what matters, so I put it to work as soon as I could. 

The spade feels as sturdy as it looks. The D-Handle design makes it very easy to use two hands while digging; it feels ergonomic, and like I can get great leverage. This makes it a lot easier on my back and hips, which tend to get sore during these kinds of tasks. 

It cuts very easily into the dirt, or at least my unit did. I have heard others say they had to sharpen theirs upon purchase, but mine was sharp enough to do the trick.

Obviously, I maintain my tools, so I did eventually sharpen it later, and it sharpens beautifully, which is another thing I love about this spade. The way it cuts into even very packed dirt is so smooth, I would recommend this shovel even if you knew you had to sharpen it as soon as you bought it, simply because the quality is there. 

The pros

•    Lifetime warranty
•    Welded 14-gauge hardened steel blade
•    Sharpened blade for easy cutting and digging
•    18-gauge steel shaft provides ultimate durability and won’t bend
•    Extra-large D-handle is ergonomic and allows for optimal control
•    Flat blade
•    Easily sharpened
•    Great for digging
•    Great for cutting turf
•    Made in the USA

The cons

•    You may have to sharpen the blade when you first receive this shovel, but that’s a common issue with brand new spades in general—especially if you’re going to be cutting into turf. Luckily, sharpening the blade is easily done with an angle grinder, a 10-inch mill bastard file, or a stone grinder.


The Fiskars 46-Inch garden spade is backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Final verdict

The Fiskars 46-Inch Steel D-Handle Square Garden Spade is hard to beat when it comes to digging and cutting into turf. The blade is very easy to sharpen and maintain and the tensile strength is top-notch, making it a very easy spade to recommend to my friends.

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