The 5 Best Pruning Saws

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The 5 Best Pruning Saws - Reviews
  5. Shine Hai Folding Pruning Saw
  4. Tabor Tools Folding Saw
  3. Corona Folding Pruning Saw
  2. Tarvol Heavy Duty Pruning Saw
  1. Silky Ultra Accel

If you're pruning and find that your small pruning shears can't cut it anymore (literally), and a chainsaw is too much of an overkill, then you need to bring out your trusty pruning saw.

A pruning saw is best used for wood or stems 1.5 inches or more in diameter. It's also very handy in cutting in places your bow saw cannot fit through because of its thin blade and curved handle.

There are many kinds of pruning saws that you can buy. Some have curved blades while others have straight blades. Some are foldable, while others are not. 

Our top five roundup will give you a good idea on the best brands and types of pruning saws available. 

Note: Just remember that these saws, although uber sharp, are still only pruning saws. If you buy one and use it like a chainsaw, you'll have to expect for the blade to get dull much much faster as it's not being used as intended.

The 5 Best Pruning Saws - Reviews

#5 - Shine Hai Folding Pruning Saw 


This hand saw comes with a hardened seven inch steel blade. The handle comes with a ridged rubber coating that makes it easy to grip and carry, and it has a non-slip coating. Unlike the usual pruning saws, this model folds in on itself.

As a precautionary measure, it has a built-in gear lock that keeps the blade closed when you're not using it or when you're carrying it around. 

I normally prefer using a pruning saw that does NOT fold simply because it feels more stable in my hand. However, if you have small children in the family, having naked blades around is not ideal.

The addition of the gear lock is also good in case naughty little hands try to mess around with your tools.


  • Has a seven inch hardened steel blade

  • Gear lock keeps the blade closed; good feature especially if you have kids

  • Comes with a no-slip rubber ridged grip

  • Easy to reach customer service


  • Handle is made out of plastic

  • Connecting bolt tends to come loose

#4 - Tabor Tools Folding Saw


This model is available in two versions — one with a curved blade and another with a straight blade. Both blades are 8 inches long. The sharp serrated edge and the hardened steel body lets you cut through branches up to four inches in diameter with ease. The blade is resistant to rust and corrosion, even in less-than-perfect weather. 

Part of the handle is bright red and easy to see in low light conditions. It also comes with a non-slip rubber handle that makes it safe to use for extended periods of time. You'll get a firm grip even in damp conditions.

It's easy to flip this knife closed, and it has a secure locking mechanism so it won't flip back open. This is a safety feature that lets you put it in your pocket or tool belt and take it with you.


  • Has a lightweight and durable design

  • Cuts branches up to four inches thick

  • Features a non-slip rubber grip


  • Handle is made out of plastic

  • Have to apply a lot of pressure before it cuts

  • In its locked state, opens midway

#3 - Corona Folding Pruning Saw


When you buy the Corona hand saw, you can choose from either an 8 or 10-inch curved blade. The blade is made with a durable High Carbon Japanese SK5 steel that is designed to withstand repeated use. You get up to six teeth per square inch which makes for excellent cutting and sawing. 

There is an easy to operate blade lock that keeps the knife secure when you're not using it.


  • Good quality brand

  • Has a very slim profile

  • Cuts on the pull stroke so good for beginners

  • Blade locks shut for easy storage

  • Handle features an ergonomic grip


  • Some teeth may still be exposed when you close it

  • Thinner blade is more prone to snapping at the tip

#2 - Tarvol Heavy Duty Pruning Saw


This hand saw allows you to trim shrubs, trees, grass, and brush quickly and easily. It has a curved style blade that makes it very easy and quick to cut through thicker vegetation, and this includes branches up to eight inches in diameter.

This is one of the larger hand saws on our list, and the 14 inch blade makes it one of the best pruning saw available. 

This hand saw comes with a slim carrying case that hooks onto your belt loop so you can take it with you. 

This is Amazon's Choice for hand saws. 


  • Has a large 14 inch blade

  • Curved blade is easy to use

  • Handle features an ergonomic design


  • Too big for smaller projects

  • Tip of the blade isn't as durable as the rest of it

  • Carrying case tends to wear out quickly

#1 - Silky Ultra Accel


I highly recommend any Silky pruning saws (or most of their products, actually) because this is a trusted Japanese brand. Their products are manufactured in Ono, Japan and are synonymous with quality.

Of all their landscaping saws, we chose this particular model for our list. It comes with 6.3 teeth per 30mm and is a great upgrade to their Silky Gomboy.

While I went off earlier about not over-extending the capability of your pruning shears, the Silky saws may be an exception. Users report cutting through up to 6-10 inch logs with this Ultra Accel.

A lot of people use this for more than just as a gardening tool. It's goes on hiking trips and camping expeditions. The fact that it's foldable makes it very easy to carry around and pack away. 


  • Superior quality

  • Robust frame, ergonomic handle, and very sharp curved blade

  • Can cut through small logs

  • Brand is known for durability; this will last you for a long time

  • Locking mechanism works well


  • More expensive than other brands so this may not be for you if you're after a budget item. It's value for money though.