WORX Aerocart Wheelbarrow Review

Table of Contents

- Introduction
- Features
- First Impressions
- Final Verdict

The WORX Aerocart wheelbarrow provides 3-in-1 functionality: a dolly, a 2-wheeled yard cart, and a garden wheelbarrow.


Versatile lifting

The WORX Aerocart is a 3-in-1 multifunctional lifting tool that can be used as a wheelbarrow, dolly or 2-wheeled yard cart, depending on your current needs. 

Easy conversion

Converting the Aerocart do its three various lifting modes is super easy and tool-free. Everything you need to use it to its full potential is already included.

Flat-free tires

The flat-free tires are oversized and are so named because they literally never go flat. That's one headache less as you don't need to worry about spending time keeping the tires inflated.

Durable construction

It is made from all-steel construction for ultimate durability. Its weight capacity is a whopping 300lbs, making it suitable for even heavy duty lifting applications. 

Easy to use

Not only is the Aerocart intentionally designed to be easy to operate (such as feature tool-free mode conversion), it also makes the task of lifting and carting heavy objects much easier.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Aerocart is able to adjust the center of gravity of the load you’re lifting.

You get better balance and it makes light work of heavy loads—literally; it can make a 200lb load feel like a 17lb load, proof of its excellent leverage capabilities. 


The Aerocart’s 3 main modes—wheelbarrow, dolly and 2-wheeled cart—are likely all you’ll need, but it has 5 additional distinct modes. This includes a rock lifter feature that is obviously designed for more specific tasks. Surprising, but much appreciated.

Additionally, going between the various modes is super easy thanks to it being tool-free.

The look and feel of it are sturdy and it feels very comfortable to use. It definitely speeds up my gardening chores! 

The pros

  • 3-in-1 multifunctional tool: wheelbarrow, dolly, 2-wheeled yard cart
  • Easily converts to its 3 different modes, plus 5 additional and distinct cart modes for extra versatility
  • Tool-free mode conversion
  • Flat-free tires; tires never go flat
  • All-steel construction
  • 300lbs weight capacity for main compartment
  • 80lb fold-out extension arm capacity
  • 3 cubic feet volume capacity
  • Ergonomic design
  • Patented design changes center of gravity, lightening perceived load

The cons

  • The one downside is the cart itself weighs 48lbs; the upside of that is it has wheels, so unless you plan on lifting it without using the wheels, the weight issue won’t be too big, and is necessary for its 300lbs weight capacity. 


The Aerocart’s versatility alone is enough to make me recommend it, but it’s also super-high quality and very usable, making it a great buy.