Pink Orchids Every Collector Should Have

A pink orchid collection is a gorgeous addition to any garden or conservatory. However, there are literally thousands of pink orchids available, so we've rounded up the most popular ones for you in one convenient place.

Anacamptis papilionacea

anacamptis papilionacea.jpg

The Butterfly Orchid or Anacamptis papilionacea is naturally found in the Mediterranean climate, and it grows best in arid, sandy conditions. It is a larger orchid that can grow between six to sixteen inches (fifteen to forty cm) tall. It has three to five large leaves at the base of the plant and six smaller leaves near the tips. Each flower can have between five and fifteen large flowers that are striped darker pink.

Bletilla striata

bletilla striata.JPG

The Chinese Ground Orchid is popular in its native Japan and China, and it grows best in well-drained, rich soil. It typically grows up to one and a half feet tall and spreads out to one and a half feet wide. You'll get bright green, papery, standing foliage along with small pink or pink and purple flowers that grow up to an inch and a half long.

Caladenia carnea

Caladenia carnea.jpg

The Pink Fingers orchid can be found growing in south-eastern and eastern Australia and Tasmania. This orchid always grows one, three, of five flowers that have long petals in a light pink color. It's common for them to have a green hue as well or a yellow tint closer to the center of the flower. The entire stem an up the petals are covered in small, soft hairs to help protect the orchid.

Cypripedium acaule

cypripedium acaule.jpg

The pink and white Lady's Slipper orchid is native to North America, and it is one of the more rare orchid species. It traditionally grows in wetlands, and it prefers cooler conditions. It has large white flowers with a stunning pink bucket-type lip. It is the state wildflower of New Hampshire and Canada's provincial flower of Prince Edward Island.

Dendrobium bracteosum

dendrobium bracteosum.jpg

This orchid comes from New Guinea, and it can produce vivid blooms year round with the correct growing conditions. This orchid produces six-inch stem clumps that spread out and have bright green, glossy leaves. It produces fifteen to twenty vivid pink flowers with yellow tips in tight clusters.

Dendrobium kingianum

dendrobium kingianum.jpg

Commonly known as the Captain King's dendrobium or the Pink Rock Orchid, it is native to eastern Australia. This orchid's stems can grow up to ten inches long, and each stem features three to six leaves near the tips. The leaves are thin, smooth, and grow in a narrow egg shape. The flowers grow from three to six inches long, and an individual plant can have between three to fifteen flowers that come in light pink with slightly darker streaks.

Neofinetia falcata

Via orchidweb

Via orchidweb

Extremely popular in its native Japan, this is one of the oldest cultivated orchid species. Also known as the Orchid of the Shoguns, these are more expensive orchids for avid Japanese collectors. They feature compact, stunted growth with long bright green leaves and soft pink flowers that come in a star shape. The foliage usually has a black tint which makes the soft pink flowers stand out more.

Orchis simia

orchis simia.jpg

The Monkey Orchid comes in a greyish pink to slightly red tinted colors. It has a unique lobed lip that loosely resembles a monkey's body, hence the common name. It produces several smaller clustered flowers on the end of the stem, and it has darker foliage. This orchid originated in central and southern Europe, and it does very well in the open with arid growing conditions.

Phalaenopsis pulcherrima

Via travaldo.blogspot

Via travaldo.blogspot

These beautiful orchids are more commonly known as Moth Orchids, and they are found all over Southeast Asia. They thrive in very bright humid environments quick-draining, sandy soil. They have gorgeous dark pink and white flowers, and there can be up to ten flowers on a single inflorescence. With the proper growing conditions, these orchids can bloom year-round.

Phalaenopsis schilleriana

phalaenopsis schilleriana.jpg

This very forgiving and hardy pink orchid is very popular among horticulturists. They grow in a variety of conditions and potting mediums, and they produce soft pink blooms. If you allow them to develop naturally in a hanging basket or pot, they'll create a stunning cascade of flowers that contrast sharply with the darker foliage. You'll also get a slight, sweet rose scent.

Phragmipedium kovachii

phragmipedium kovachii.jpg

This newer orchid species has been around since 2001, and it is native to Peru. It tends to grow in clumps of up to nine leaves on each plant with very short stems. The leaves have a glossy look and are dark green. The showy deep pink flowers have a waxy appearance and can grow up to eight inches (twenty-eight cm) wide. To have this plant, horticulturists must abide by CITES standards or be deemed illegal.

Pogonia ophioglossoides

pogonia ophioglossoides.jpg

Better known as the Snakemouth Orchid, this orchid is native to central Canada through the eastern United States. It grows best in wet potting medium with cooler temperatures, and it has long, thin stems with a single large flower. These flowers typically have three long petals in light pink, and the orchid's lip is typically a darker pink spotted with lighter pink.

Rhynchostylis gigantea

rhynchostylis gigantea.jpg

More commonly known as Foxtail Orchids, Rhynchostylis gigantea is a showy orchid that has rapidly gained popularity in recent years. This orchid features 15-inch, thin inflorescence that is packed with smaller bright pink or spotted pink and white flowers. It has a very sweet fragrance as well, and the weight of the flowers tend to bend the inflorescence, so the flowers cascade down.

These thirteen popular pink orchids range from soft blush to vivid pink in color, and they also have a variety of growing conditions that range from difficult to very forgiving. Whether you're a novice orchid grower or an experienced one, you should be able to find your favorite pink orchid on this list.